Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video Game Entertainment While You Wait

Recently we added some new video gaming technology to our office. While we're working on straightening your smile, entertain yourself with one of our new PlayStation Portable (PSP) video games or one of our Nintendo DualScreen (DS) units.

For years we've had a video game room available for family members who were waiting on patients to complete their appointment. Now, our patients, have the opportunity to play a video game while at their appointment. While our office is great about operating on an accurate schedule there is always a few minutes of down-time during appointments where the games can be utilized. Choose from over 20 different games and ENJOY.

Parents, we haven't forgotten about you...while waiting on your child, enjoy reading our selection of popular magazines. As well, treat yourself to a hot coffee, tea, ice water, summer lemonade or winter hot chocolate.