Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October is National Orthodontic Health month--Here are some tips about dealing with braces during Trick or Treating

How to survive Halloween with Braces….

With Halloween quickly approaching & the smell of pumpkin spice in the air, we at Barnett Orthodontics, want to give you a few tips to help you survive Halloween with braces. Many of our patients are anxiously anticipating a night full of spooky fun.  Unfortunately, some of the candy you collect trick-or-treating can cause serious damage to your teeth, especially if you have braces. This does not mean that you have to skip trick-or-treating, or even give all of your candy to mom & dad at the end of the night. It does mean that you will need to be careful in selecting what you can & can’t eat from your stash.

Candies to Avoid with Braces….

       First, let’s go over the candy you should avoid if you have braces or other orthodontic appliances. Sticky, chewy, candy like gummy bears, taffy, bubble gum, caramels, can cause painfully sticky situations or even an extra trip to the office to fix a loose bracket or broken wire. These treats can get stuck in your braces and make it very difficult to remove with brushing & flossing. The stickiness also tugs on the wires, brackets and appliances.
Hard candies, such as, suckers, candy coated apples, peanut brittle, and any candy containing nuts can also pop off a bracket & break wires when you bite into them.

Candies that are Safe Treats….

Ideally, you should always try to stick with softer treats that will melt in your mouth. Some examples of these safe treats would be peanut butter cups, soft chocolate bars, apple slices that are cut into smaller pieces, soft mints, doughnuts, cakes, pudding, and pies. You could even choose to have milkshakes or ice cream before or after you go trick-or-treating.

Most Importantly….

Finally & most importantly, if you decide to have any kind of candy this Halloween, even the safe treats, make sure to remember to brush & floss quickly afterwards. The sugars in the candy interact with the bacteria in your mouth to form an acid which will eat away at your tooth enamel. The quicker you remove the sugars from your mouth, by brushing & flossing, the less likely you are to have any lasting damage to your teeth.

Contact Us…

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