Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Great Team Member Leaves For Another Career

We regularly hear that patients at our practice appreciate the familiar and friendly faces of our Team Members at Barnett Orthodontics. It's easy to form a friendship with our Team when patients visit us every 4-6 weeks during a 2 year experience with Braces or Invisalign. Even beyond their time in braces, as patients return for a retainer check, they usually can count on that familiar face to be present in our office.

We are proud of the fact that some of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. There is very little employee turnover, as most people we hire truly enjoy the work they do, the patients they work with and company of their coworkers. When we do lose a Team Member, it is us ally for the right reasons...a baby is born, a relocation to another city, or a dream of a different career path.

Recently, one of our great Team Members had her last day in dentistry/orthodontics. Erin, who had been with us since 2003 has been offered an amazing opportunity to continue her work with children but in the field of education. We are thrilled for Erin and we will miss seeing her on a daily basis. I'm sure many of our patients feel the same way.

We wish you all the luck, Erin! We'll look for you at the local Starbucks in and around Akron, Ohio!