Friday, January 20, 2017

Lost your retainer? Our in-house lab can make you a new one in 1-hour!

It happens to a lot of people, the dreaded lost retainer.  Don't fret, it's easy to get a new one and usually we can make it within a single hour

The current orthodontic research shows that your teeth have the potential to move for the rest of your life.  In other words, you have to wear a retainer, just at night, forever.  Over the years we have retreated many patients who thought it was okay to stop wearing their retainer as a teen.  
Teeth are not static.  They have a memory and want to move back to their original position throughout your lifetime.  When your braces are removed or your Invisalign treatment finishes, you will be instructed on how to wear and care for your new retainers.  At Akron's Barnett Orthodontics, we instruct our patients to wear their top retainer for 3-full days and then nights only.  Your retainer will be form-fitted over your teeth and will hold them in their position.  The bottom retainer is usually glued in (built-in).  It can remain there for the rest of your life.

It is also important, if your retainer breaks, you lose it, or have dental work done that you see your orthodontist as soon as possible for a new one to prevent your teeth from shifting.  Good news again, we can make it quickly and economically.  Currently in 2017, our retainer replacement cost is only $75 for any past patient.  You've spent a lot on your orthodontic treatment, a replacement retainer shouldn't be expensive. 

Call us today (330-745-4497) if you need a new retainer.  Click on this link to go directly to our website to learn more about retainers at our office.