Friday, December 2, 2011

What's an impacted tooth? Akron's own, Dr. Barnett Answers the Question.

In my interaction with new patients, I often (almost weekly) have to explain to a family why one of their teeth will NEVER come in without orthodontic help. This "stuck" tooth, called an impacted tooth, cannot erupt into the mouth because there is not enough room or something blocks the natural tooth eruption.
Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth and the usual approach is to remove (extract) them! When it comes to dealing with other impactions though, pulling the tooth is always a LAST resort. Upper canine teeth (eye teeth) are the second most commonly impacted teeth and the most common impacted-tooth-problem an orthodontist has to face. To correct the impaction, it requires a gum tissue surgery and a coordinated approach between an orthodontist and other specialists.  The x-ray above and photos below show the hidded nature of an impacted tooth and the progession from the initial surgery to the tooth almost aligned in the arch.  As you can see on the x-ray, the upper right side reveals a tooth on an angle crossing behind one of the front teeth.  When looking at the photo below, you cannot see the tooth as it is covered with bone and gum tissue--unitl, it's uncovered as shown in the photos at the bottom. 

The surgical procedure, called an uncovering, is done during the orthodontic treatment to remove the gum tissue and bone blocking the impacted tooth. Then, the orthodontist can place a bracket on the impacted tooth and slowly move it to the correct position. The total time in braces is usually no longer than an average orthodontic case.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tooth Brushing Habits Need to Start Young

While most patients are not ready for orthodontic treatment until almost 12 years of age, some early treatment is done in 7, 8 and 9 year old kids. For this reason, tooth brushing habits need to be reinforced at a early age (starting around 2).

Great brushing will not only keep the teeth clean and healthy but with braces, it will prevent permanent stains from forming on the teeth.

While they are young, let your children brush by themselves and then check to make sure they've done a good job. Provide lots of positive reinforcement and give direction on areas that need improvement.

By giving your kids an early exposure to brushing and verifying that their techniques are sound, you're setting the foundation for an appreciation for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Happy Brushing!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dentists and Orthodontists Need to Work Together

Seeing your dentist every six months is an important part of any orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, it makes the difference in the final aesthetics of the smile.

There's nothing more gratifying than taking off someone's braces and seeing them smile. It's truly an amazing moment and we feel lucky to get to experience it daily at Barnett Orthodontics. Smile after smile, there's nothing better.

There are some patients however, who as part of their treatment plan, don't get that instant gratification the day their braces are removed. Instead, they need to wait on their dentist to cosmetically alter their teeth now that they have been straightened. These cases, require multiple disciplines of dentistry to work together to obtain an ideal result. While often more complicated to work on, it's sometimes even more gratifying to see the final result.

Jeff B's teeth are a great example of one such case. Congratulations on finishing your treatment! What a change...and a special thanks to Dr. Tim Cox for doing an amazing job on the cosmetic dentistry to fix the two front teeth.

Making Akron area patients' smile is a TEAM effort.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Instant Orthodontics? Staight teeth in 6 Months???

Recently I had a patient ask me about an advertisement promising to treat ANYONE with braces in only SIX months. As the old saying goes, if it sounds unbelievable, then it probably is. I suppose it's not a totally false statement, it's just an incomplete promise, an incomplete result and very misleading.

The truth of the matter is that almost anyone's teeth can be improved or straightened rather quickly--in about six months. But to perfect the alignment and to correct the bite, it takes considerably longer. Unfortunately, across the US and on-line (not in Akron Ohio) some individuals are promoting their six month braces as a better option than conventional orthodontic treatment. They promise it is more comfortable, more aesthetic, healthier and most importantly to the consumer, FASTER.

Wanna get rich quick, want to lose tons of weight, regrow all your hair, make money from the comfort of your own home, have braces on your teeth for as little as six months...get the point.

Make sure you're an educated consumer. Do your research and chose wisely.

Extreme Couponing for Braces?

Have you seen the new hit TV show on TLC called Extreme Couponing? It's a documentary series where coupon-clippers 'nickel and dime' their way to outrageous savings, sometimes even FREE cartloads of groceries!

Just like most of you, I get those neighborhood "Value Coupon" packets in the mail with discounts to local carpet cleaners, restaurants, tanning studios, window washers. etc. Extreme couponing, here we come, right?

Not exactly. Usually I just throw the packets away but today I leafed through the coupons and was surprised to find an orthodontist advertising a very LOW 'fixed-fee' for braces. The fee was almost $1000 less than the average cost of orthodontic treatment in Akron Ohio. How could they afford to provide the highest quality of care and have such a low fee? Our office has always tried to keep fees as reasonable as possible. We know orthodontics is a significant expense for most families. It just didn't make sense that someone could "coupon" themselves down to such a low fee.

As one would expect, there was a catch.

The fixed fee for braces did not include the use of any appliances beyond the braces. Thus, there are hidden fees beyond the advertised price. It's kind of a "bait and switch" approach to get you in the door. Is it illegal? No. It's just misleading as you end of paying for expanders, retainers, etc bringing the cost of the treatment up to the local average.

At Barnett Orthodontics, there's no confusion about what the fee covers. There are no additional charges and no hidden fees. No "nickel and diming".

Come and see what people are talking about. We are proud to say, that what you see is what you get. Integrity. Quality care at an affordable cost. No coupon necessary.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How many orthodontists does it take to change a light-bulb (straighten your teeth)?!?

Question: "How many different orthodontists will I have to work with during my treatment at your office?"

Answer: "It takes ONE orthodontist (Dr. Barnett) in ONE office location (Barnett Orthodontics) to straighten your teeth."

Believe it or not, this is a question we hear almost once a month from our new patients at Barnett Orthodontics. Whether it's a child or adult orthodontic case, the patients and parents concern about having multiple orthodontists rests in the fact that different doctors have different personalities and different treatment techniques. Most patients and parents want continuity of care and they want the same person making decisions about what's happening in their case, each and every month.

At Akron's Barnett Orthodontics, Dr. Barnett is the only orthodontist you will be working with. You can rest assured from your first appointment through the completion of your treatment and into the retainer checks, the orthodontist you will see is Dr. Barnett. He will be in absolute control of your treatment each step of the way. No doctor sharing, no questions about which direction the treatment will go. You will get to know Dr. Barnett and he will get to know you.

As well, with only one office location, we will always be available, five days a week (and some Saturday's) to see you for your regular appointments or for emergencies. There is no need to drive a long distance to a second office location for ANY appointment.

It takes one doctor and one location--come experience our experience at Barnett Orthodontics!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Orthodontic Experience...It's the TEAM that makes it GREAT!

We regularly hear that people come to our office for our wonderful orthodontic results.

A big part of MY success as the orthodontist however, in getting that wonderful result, is the assistants who work on your teeth, the people who answer our phones and the care that everyone has for our patients' well-being.

I wanted to take this moment to THANK my orthodontic TEAM for their hard work and the enthusiasm they bring to this practice. Without them, there wouldn't be a true EXPERIENCE for our patients-- instead, we would be just another doctor's office.

We strive to make this medical/dental experience like none other you've ever had.
We hope you enjoy it.

As a side note, I wanted to wish Amber our orthodontic assistant the best of luck as she recently left our office to focus on her family and her education. We'll miss seeing you every week Amber but we'll look forward to your kids appointments at the office.
Amber is the 2nd person from the left.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Txt Msg Appt Reminders--now available at Barnett Orthodontics

As many of you already know, we've been sending e-mail appointment reminders for over a year. Now, at Akron's Barnett Orthodontics, there's one more way to get a friendly appointment reminder right to your cell phone.

Over the next few months, we will be collecting cell phone numbers for those that are interested in participating in this service. With how busy life can get, we see this as a great way to help our patients manage their appointments.