Sunday, July 6, 2014

2nd Opinions Are Our Favorite Opinions--A Means of Comparison

We received a compliment the other day that really was impactful.  We regularly do post-treatment surveys, and while it's always nice to get positive feedback from our patients, this compliment summed up the goal of what we strive for with our orthodontic practice--a unique experience, excellent results with ideal customer service.  The main idea of the compliment was that our orthodontic office was truly DIFFERENT from others in the Akron area--and this family had a true means of comparison.

The compliment came from a parent who has four children; 3 of whom had completed braces and the two eldest went to two different orthodontists. For their oldest child, they chose an office that had a good reputation, a high price tag (which they thought meant they were the best) and four doctors.  They were happy with the result but the family's experience was not ideal.  They were bothered by the fact that a different doctor saw their child every visit, appointments were not on-time and the front desk was rude. Thankfully, their child got a nice smile.  For their second child, they figured that if the expensive practice had poor customer service, they might as well pay less for the same result.  They went with a chain orthodontic practice that had a low price.   They were disappointed with the result and once again, felt the customer service was poor.

Under the strong word of mouth referral from a neighbor, they came to our practice for the treatment of their third child.   They knew that orthodontics was an investment and to some degree, you pay for what you get--they learned this lesson the hard way.  Besides the cost game though, they were also a bit jaded with the fact that with both kids, they had NEVER had a good customer service experience.  We had an uphill battle in front of us but we were confident in the Barnett Orthodontics experience!

As we learned from them in our post treatment survey, getting both a fair price and excellent customer service was a reality for every family.  The biggest point they made, was that orthodontics is NOT a commodity which you can buy at any store and get the same result/experience no matter where you buy it. We couldn't agree more.

In the Akron Ohio area, there are at least 10 different choices for an orthodontist.  Put on top of that, the fact that some general dentists do limited orthodontic work and there are possibly 20 choices for you or your child to seek braces or Invisalign services--but as evidenced here, not all offices are created equal.

This family was excited to start their fourth child with us!  Give us a call to experience our experience.

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