Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Orthodontic Experience...It's the TEAM that makes it GREAT!

We regularly hear that people come to our office for our wonderful orthodontic results.

A big part of MY success as the orthodontist however, in getting that wonderful result, is the assistants who work on your teeth, the people who answer our phones and the care that everyone has for our patients' well-being.

I wanted to take this moment to THANK my orthodontic TEAM for their hard work and the enthusiasm they bring to this practice. Without them, there wouldn't be a true EXPERIENCE for our patients-- instead, we would be just another doctor's office.

We strive to make this medical/dental experience like none other you've ever had.
We hope you enjoy it.

As a side note, I wanted to wish Amber our orthodontic assistant the best of luck as she recently left our office to focus on her family and her education. We'll miss seeing you every week Amber but we'll look forward to your kids appointments at the office.
Amber is the 2nd person from the left.