Friday, February 13, 2015

From Both Sides of the Orthodontic Chair

A writing by Taylor, first a patient and now an assistant at Barnett Orthodontics:

Throughout middle school and the beginning of high school I had begged my parents for braces. I saw all of my friends with them and for some reason was just fascinated with the whole process. I was always so happy and excited for anyone who finally got their braces off and had that PERFECT smile-- I was even a little jealous. Although my smile wasn't horrendous, I still wanted the perfection that came with braces.

My family and I had gone for a consultation with an orthodontist (not Barnett Ortho) who wanted to treat me for 4-5 years.  My parents and I could not see any reasoning behind all this extensive work, time and money.  My teeth were not all that bad!  

We then decided to get a second opinion and came to Barnett Orthodontics. From the moment I walked in the office, we simply loved it! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I felt a lot more comfortable than in the previous office. Dr. Barnett had a different idea about my treatment and my parents were a lot more excited about choosing this office for me. 

I was always so excited about my appointments and seeing the improvements that came with them! Loving my braces so much actually inspired me to go to a school for a degree in dental assisting. Dr. Barnett was so supportive and allowed me to come to his office to observe and even complete my externship hours for school! He and the team are so helpful, great teachers, and just as friendly as I had thought with my first impression of the office! I loved the job the assistants had and felt like I really fit in well with the team. Dr. Barnett and the team thought the same thing and after completing school and interviewing, Dr. Barnett offered me a position to be a permanent member of his team. I was so excited! 

I cannot be more thankful my family had made the decision to originally come to Barnett Orthodontics; my smile looks amazing and I know it will for years to come.  Some of my friends who had gone to other offices have good, but not-great smiles.  I love connecting with patients and seeing their excitement as their smile changes- just as I had been during my treatment. 
Knowing that I am helping patients build their confidence by acquiring great smiles is a wonderful feeling and I have Dr. Barnett and the team members of Barnett Orthodontics to thank for the great experiences and opportunities to come!  We're proud to me the premier provider of orthodontic services to Akron and it's surrounding communities.  

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